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Mesa Rim is all about working with good people in a fun, rewarding, active-lifestyle environment. You spend a good amount of your day at work, so why not make it awesome?

From rock climbing jobs to yoga instructor jobs and more, below are the most recent job opportunities at Mesa Rim:

Instructor, Apprentice

Instructors support Climbing Supervisor in teaching and developing Lead Series, Outdoor Approach, and or Tech Series. The goal of a Mesa Rim Instructor is to find the best and most efficient way to teach a technique based on the client’s circumstance. Instructors follow a development track from Apprentice, Lead, to Senior Instructor based on experience, knowledge, and professionalism. Incumbent will carry out duties that reflect Mesa Rim core values and instill these values in the Mesa Rim climbing team ethic.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Supervision
    • Assist with overseeing class physical safety, general engagement, and interpersonal dynamics of climbing clinics being taught
    • Set examples of professional behavior and excellent customer service at all times.
    • Instructor will assist Junior and Senior Instructors to make critical decisions when necessary for the well-being of the gym, customers, staff
    • Manage gym emergencies and unsafe behavior when necessary, taking the appropriate course of action
    • Communicate both operational and performance issues and concerns to Supervisor when appropriate
  • Operations
    • Possess knowledge of climbing clinics content and curriculum that one is teaching, either Lead, Tech, or Outdoor Series
    • Possess and have detailed knowledge of all gym offerings and share this knowledge with climbing clinic Instructors and gym users
    • Ensure that equipment levels meet program needs and inform Supervisor of any shortfalls.
    • Capability to Initiate new projects, propose feasibility and present them to Supervisor
    • The incumbent may, at the discretion of management, be provided with additional opportunities and responsibilities if the incumbent shows interest and motivation, and as long as the incumbent is satisfactorily carrying out job functions

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Demonstrate Mesa Core Values
  • 3 years Climbing Experience
  • Must enjoy being a teacher and instructing others
  • Intermediate knowledge of climbing technique and movement
  • Must have drive to grow professionally
  • Taken all of the tech series, lead series, and outdoor classes at Mesa Rim
  • Understanding of climbing programs content

To apply, please email