Our vision is to improve the quality of life of our community by providing a consistently remarkable climbing, yoga, and fitness experience.


Mesa Rim is a premier indoor climbing and fitness facility that is dedicated to serving the needs of the whole community. We strive to provide opportunities to explore and challenge limits within a supportive community.

Core Values

  • Care genuinely for our community.
  • Inspire individuals to pursue new heights.
  • Cultivate an inclusive culture.
  • Build lasting relationships.
  • Embrace each challenge as an opportunity to innovate.
  • Seek authentic communication.
  • Driven to provide amazing spaces for our community.


Mesa Rim passionately believes that climbing and yoga can be transformative experiences—physically, mentally, socially, and beyond. We believe we have a responsibility to share this passion for climbing and creative fitness in a way that positively impacts our community. Mesa Rim provides value for every person we interact with. We focus on long-term goals for our community and thus strongly value igniting, supporting, and inspiring lifelong climbers.