Mesa Rim CoWorking Center

CoWorking Guide

Mesa’s Core Values shape the CoWorking Center Guide. Check out our approach to CoWorking.

Care Genuinely for Our Community
Mesa Rim is dedicated to building community by providing opportunities to explore and challenge limits. The Mesa CoWorking Center is a space to build community through shared workspace experiences and active lifestyle values.

Inspire Individuals to Pursue New Heights
Every experience is an opportunity to grow. Every interaction with others, your environment, every communication, every outcome and impact. Aspire to be a lifelong learner and strive to integrate your experiences into who you are personally and professionally.

Cultivate an Inclusive Culture
Collaboration is the key to success in the CoWorking world. Help us cultivate a workspace that values and benefits from diverse ideas, people, lifestyles, and workstyles. Ideas flow freely in open and respectful environments.

Build Lasting Relationships
CoWorking is founded on the connections that would otherwise be impossible to make by working at home. We seek to build a community that values creativity, collaboration, and the desire to harness the collective power of our diverse and talented members. So take the time to introduce yourself, get to know your “Co-coworkers” and make them feel welcome. This is your community! Build it!

Embrace each Challenge as an Opportunity to Innovate
The convergence of individuals from diverse backgrounds and skillsets on coworking centers around the world has led to innovative solutions to technological, financial, social and environmental problems. Invite others to join your conversation, participate in our monthly networking and social events, and consider leading an educational workshop on a particular skill or resource you are an expert in!

Seek Authentic Communication
Strive to foster respectful communication with fellow members. If a conflict or misunderstanding arises with another member, find a collaborative or compromising resolution using positive, respectful, and solution oriented communication.

Driven to Provide Amazing Spaces for your Community
Help us create a space that fosters an inviting, healthy and clean work environment. Take cues from your fellow coworkers and how they are using the space; be aware of your noise level when engaged in conversations with other members or on the phone, or listening to music. Maintain cleanliness of your personal workspace and common areas.

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