Yoga at Mesa Rim

Great Yoga and Fitness Classes

A climbing gym at heart, we recognize the importance of practicing self and mental awareness, and cross-training for strength building, skill development, flexibility, injury prevention, and more.

Our Yoga Program accepts and encourages ALL levels of practitioners. Yoga- from Sanskrit “yuj” means union. Through yoga experience, we cultivate personal connections, grow together in our awareness, authenticity of self and each other, and build a genuinely caring community from inside out. Yoga is for everyone.

Mesa Rim’s Fitness Center offers a comprehensive fitness experience with climber-focused training equipment and classes. You can expect special and dive-deeper workshops or classes each month in addition to regularly scheduled classes.

Check out the best Yoga and Fitness San Diego has to offer.

About Our Yoga Studio


• 23+ Diverse classes a week (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Restorative, Meditation, Basics, and more)
• Experienced, generous teachers – Check them out.
• Beautiful bamboo floors
• Monthly workshops or focus classes
• Abundance of natural light
• Complimentary rentals of mats and props
• Clean, spacious environment for your practice
• Looking for a new yoga mat, props, or yoga apparel? Check out our proshop selection.

About Our Fitness Center

Mesa Rim features a full service fitness area that’s tailored to climbers! We offer access to weight training, aerobic machines (ellipticals, treadmills, and stationary bikes!), and adaptive training machines. Amp up your climbing technique and training by using our campus board, moon board, and systems board too! Our Fitness Center is included in your membership!