Kids Rock Climbing Activities & Programs

See why Mesa Rim has the best kids rock climbing San Diego has to offer! Kids programs at Mesa Rim are about promoting an active and healthy lifestyle and getting kids rock climbing, a sport unlike any other. Our youth programs are an opportunity for kids to build strength and coordination along with developing problem-solving skills and confidence on and off the wall. Kids love getting active, making friends, and having fun!

Help your child reach their goals in fun and exciting ways!


Exposure: Sharing the passion of climbing.
At the foundation, our coaches are deeply passionate about climbing. They constantly strive to instill passion into each climber they coach.

On Belay: A community of climbers supported by a community of peers.
Our coaches emphasize the importance of community by creating a fun and safe environment for friendships to develop.

Set a Route: Creation of and clarity on goals.
Our coaches work hard to support and develop each climber’s personal vision and move them towards setting attainable and realistic goals.

Create a Beta System: Fostering a system of asking for and giving feedback in an effort to increase knowledge.
As lifelong learners our coaches continually seek knowledge, give beta and welcome feedback. In turn they educate, encourage and empower our climbers to do the same.

Get Commitment: Helping climbers commit to route and harness power.
Our coaches support each climber by co-creating tangible action steps that move them towards their goals. They work with our climbers to constantly revise their vision and goals.

Check out the View: Reminding climbers how far they have come.
The coaches at Mesa Rim continually celebrate every success and milestone each climber achieves.

Exposure: Sharing commitment to self awareness.
Our coaches assist climbers in creating self awareness about strengths, weaknesses, fears and potential.