Team FAQ’s

Is your youth climber ready to start practicing in a team and training environment? Read the frequently asked questions below and learn more about what to expect as a member of  Team Mesa Rim.

Ascent Team & Club Mini Mesa FAQ’s

Can my athlete practice on days that are not listed as designated practice days?

No, unless approved as make-up day.

How will I know if my athlete is ready for the Summit Training Group?

A coach will make the recommendation that they try out training with them. This will be when the coach feels that the athlete is ready to train and work with that group. There will be try-outs again before sport/speed season in January, so they can spend a few months learning and growing as a climber before they try out again.

Is my athlete able to compete if they are on the Club Teams only?

Yes, Jr. Ascent and Ascent Teams are encouraged to compete! Club Mini Mesa are able to compete too, although the youngest category is 11 and under. However, we do not push the competing for Club Mini’s, only that they learn to enjoy and love the sport.

Can my athlete practice at Mission Valley on Thursday and the Training Center on Saturday?

Sure can!

Does my athlete have to have their own gear?

Yes. As coaches we are able to better work with an athlete who has a pair of high performance climbing shoes. The rental shoes do not make the cut, they are perfect for the beginner (new) climber. If you are concerned about growing out of the shoes too fast we have a shoe exchange and there may just be a pair for your athlete!

My athlete isn’t belay certified. What can I do?

Athletes can participate in a weekend drop-in program, which we offer at each location. They can also  take the 5-week introductory program. The first session for the introductory program starts the week after try-outs.

My athlete can’t attend try-outs. What can I do?

No problem! Schedule a make-up session by emailing

Summit Team FAQ’s

What if my athlete can’t commit to the Summit team schedule?

They are encouraged to move to the Ascent or Jr. ascent Club Team. The goal of the Summit Training group is to prepare athletes for the highest level of competition and consistency is key to their success and the productivity of the team.

If a highly experienced and/or motivated athlete is willing and able to make up training days on the weekend or outside of practice we may be able to make an exception. But if this interferes with the rest of the Summit’s training they may be asked to move to another program.

What do coaches look for to determine whether an athlete is ready for the Summit Team?

• Motivation to improve both technically and physically
• Long term vision of climbing goals
• Trust in the coaches and the process of Team Mesa Rim training
• Drive to compete at the highest level
• Willing to work through obstacles and push limits
• Team player–stays focused so the other athletes can work hard
• Positive influence for both younger and older athletes
• Consistent attendance at practice and willingness to climb outside of main training days